Grace Ormond once said that planning a wedding is really about a lifestyle, and we can’t agree more. We believe the design of a wedding should start with your unique story and style before anything else. Weddings should be meaningful, details thoughtful, and just like our couples, no wedding should ever look like another.

Weddings should be an experience, one that creates memories, unites friends and family, and transports your guests somewhere else, if even for a few hours. A wedding should feel like an intimate dinner party, with good wine, good food, and great conversation over candlelight, no matter how large the party. Planning is always better with a glass of bubbly and we can't help but think a pampered, relaxed bride is the most beautiful of all. And finally, when it comes to weddings, we say go ahead and splurge on the shoes.

Our clients know that a great wedding day experience goes far beyond a pretty table. It begins the moment your guests receive the invitation and continues in the memory of each guest long after the wedding day. From the presentation and taste of the food to the mood that is created by the lighting at your reception, we make sure that every element of your wedding day works together to physically and emotionally please you and your wedding guests.

We begin our process by asking you about your style, your likes and dislikes, your personalities and about your relationship. From there, we focus on textures, patterns, and space; hand-selecting linens, furnishings, ambient lighting and even custom & trade-only options. We will communicate our vision for your wedding day through design and idea boards, sketches, samples and photos. Affectionately coined “experience design”, our boutique approach allows us to cohesively pair these creative aspects with logistics to ensure the entire experience is brought to life and that your wedding day flows seamlessly.

From upscale and organic, to sumptuous and romantic, we love creating unexpected details that reflect the couple and their lives to come.

Over half of our clients each year are planning their weddings from out of state, and typically for one of our beautiful mountain resorts. Because of this, we have chosen to focus on the unique process and strategies needed to design a destination wedding. Our shared online project management tools and team-based structure ensures that no detail is left unturned, our brides always know what’s happening next, and everything from the welcome gifts to the weekend itinerary is executed with care.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the details of your wedding and we can’t wait to meet you.

* Photo by Tana Photography