Are you planners or designers?
Our planners handle all of the logistical details of the event: timelines, negotiations, agreements, etc. Our designers handle all of the aesthetic details of the event: lighting, spatial (room) planning, centerpieces, linens, etc. Soiree is able to integrate both aspects into one company.

Are you event decorators?
We prefer the term designers or event stylists. We work with every client (unless you only hire us for Final Prep) from the beginning to develop an overall design for your wedding. Our services are more than just helping you secure and set-up décor and rentals. We create design concepts for our clients that begin with the look of the save-the-date and invitation to the texture of the linen and how it works with the centerpiece to the lighting and how it enhances the overall concept. We design weddings for each client to reflect their personality and style.

Can we hire just a planner or just a designer?
If you hire us for Final Prep (Day of Management) only, you will only get the logistical help from a planner. We are involved as designers in all other weddings that include more than Final Prep.

Do you offer packages?
No. We work with each client to prepare a proposal based on the services needed. Each client has different needs, therefore every client receives a customized proposal.

Do you charge a percentage, hourly or a flat fee?
We charge a flat fee for each planning service. Our styling services are based on a percentage of your overall planning fee. Custom design projects are charged per project and the fees are given in a separate proposal after a design meeting.

What types of events do you plan and design?
95% of our events are currently weddings, but we love birthdays, showers, anniversaries, vow renewals and creative corporate events. We bring the same comprehensive approach to designing these events as we do for weddings.

Can we rent items for our wedding from you?
Although we do keep a small collection of unique and custom-made props, we never want one event to look exactly like another and we never want to have to “sell” a client on items simply because they are sitting in a warehouse.

How many weddings do you plan each year?
Soiree is not a volume-based company, therefore, we only take one wedding per day and only accept a limited number of events per year. This allows us to give each client the attention deserved.

Do you travel?
Yes. We have traveled all over Idaho: McCall, Sun Valley and more. Our passport is ready for other destinations.

* Photo by Tana Photography